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Join host, Greggy, as he discusses all things fitness and the parallels and relationships to parenting in attempts to redefine it. We’re not dead, Just dad’s! Get “Dad Fit” on The Dad Fit Podcast!

The Talk

On this episode, podcast host, Greggy, discusses the mental challenge of dealing with the racism, social unrest, and the constant threats to black lives, black people face in America, as both a man and now a Father. He is joined by father of two, music producer, Derek, D. Roc, Brown for a tough and honest conversation about the struggles of making it home and making it all make sense. 

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Check out his latest Single: Light Of The World

How did this happen? In this solo episode, Greggy shares his struggle with an unforeseen symptom of the Corona Virus… “The COVID 19 lbs.” First, dissecting how he got here and breaking down some of the why’s, followed by a discussion of the way of thinking that will be needed to change the outcome: The Growth Mindset.

Game Changer

In this episode, Greggy talks about “Game Changers” during this pandemic caused quarantine.  Dad, CRNA, and owner of the Satin Lined Scrub Cap & Medical Accessories, clothing brand, Tribal Wave Deji Babalola joins the pod for a discussion on his fitness journey, his definition of fitness and how it relates to parenting. Greggy and Deji discuss their appreciation for the Peloton bike followed by a brief “review” of the Peloton and Greggy’s 5 tips to get the most out of cycle classes in a studio or at home.  

Hi, I'm Greggy Amisial and I am a new dad. Staying fit is more than a hobby, for me, its a way of life. I didn't know how much becoming a father would challenge my lifestyle until I had to do it. Join me as I explore both my journey and the journey of other Dads working to stay "fit" and be the best parents we can be. I'll celebrate fitness from a more holistic view and look at it for more than just an aesthetic set of standards. Let's redefine fitness, here, on The Dad Fit Podcast.

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